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Kiona is an easy-going connoisseur of furry fiction who enjoys art, pizza, and, of course, writing. She has written erotic romance under different pen names, ranging from somewhat steamy to just plain filthy. She has also been known to pen the occasional sweet romance as well. Kiona has been in the fur fandom since elementary school. She writes in the great Pacific Northwest with her cat, Kid Flash.

All of Kiona's romance titles--including those written under different pen names!--can be found here.

Published Books

Noblesse Oblige
(Heat of the Moment #1)

When a young alley cat goes into heat for the first time, she finds an unlikely friend in the prince.

(Contains Explicit Content)

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Courting Disaster
(Heat of the Moment #2)

A prince falls in love with an alley cat, but when she gets pregnant, the prince is forced to make a deal with the king: he can keep his alley cat lover, but only if he marries a noblewoman before the season is through.

Coming February 28th, 2018!

(Contains Explicit Content)

Upcoming Books

Between Reach and Grasp
(Heat of the Moment #3)

Leon struggles to rule the kingdom while his father dies and Catra's pregnancy comes to an end.

Coming 2018.

The Alley Cat Queen
(Heat of the Moment #4)

Following his father's death, King Leon determines to marry his alley cat lover, prompting chaos at court.

Coming 2018.


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